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This is a selection of some of my published work. 

I Live Thousands of Miles Away From My Village—and Sometimes It’s Really Hard
What to Expect
9 Thoughts Every Mom Definitely Had While Visiting Santa, What to Expect
7 Thoughts Every Mom Has in Baby-and-Me Classes,
 What to Expect
How I Became a “Second Kid” Parent,
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I Hated Pumping—So I Quit,
What to Expect
9 Things All Moms of Reflux Babies Know
, What to Expect
My Kid Has a Ridiculously Long Name (But I Did It for a Very Important Reason), What to Expect
7 Thoughts All Nursing Moms Have in the Middle of the NightWhat to Expect
10 Things My Baby Would Rather Play With Than Toys
, Cafe Mom
The Thing That Surprised Me Most About Motherhood Had Nothing to Do With My SonMomtastic
21 Things Only Moms That Pump at Work KnowMomtastic

The Wireless Device That Liberated Me From My Breast Pump
8 Pumping Tips All Working Moms Need, What to Expect
7 Easy Ways for New Moms to Sneak in Self CareWhat to Expect
10 Women on How They Knew They Were Going Into Labor for Real, She Knows
20 Baby Names ’90s Moms Will Love, She Knows
I Found Out Exactly What Was in My Breast MilkMomtastic

10 Ways to Manage Your Inbox—According to People Who Get 100+ Emails a Day
The Muse
4 Ways to Grow in Your Career—Without Becoming a Manager, The Muse
What the Laws Say About Pumping at Work (and How to Navigate Them at Your Office), The Muse
5 Questions About Interviewing While Pregnant—Answered, The Muse
This Is What Pumping in the Company Supply Closet Taught Me About Being a Working Parent, The Muse

Here’s What Coffee-Lovers Really Want This Christmas,
How to Clean Your Coffee Maker—and Why You Really Need ToBulletproof
Your Mail Clutter Is Out of Control Because You’re Making These 7 MistakesReal Simple

Hyaluronic Acid: The Anti-Aging Elixir That Keeps Skin Smooth & SuppleBulletproof
Kakadu Plums Fight Cancer Cells and Brighten Skin. Here’s How to Reap the Benefits, Bulletproof
What Is Argan Oil, and Why Your Skin Needs It Now, Bulletproof
Hyaluronic Acid: The Anti-Aging Elixir That Keeps Skin Smooth and Supple
Why Dry Brushing Should Be Your New Detox PracticeBulletproof
Why the Pregnancy Glow is a Myth We Need to Stop Perpetuating,
Total Beauty
11 Wine and Face Mask Pairings for Every Kind of Crappy Day, Total Beauty
We Found Out What Men Really Think of Your Perfume, Total Beauty
13 Emoji Exchanges Every Beauty Girl Has Had, Total Beauty
6 Anti-Aging Tips That Aren’t Worth Your Time, Prevention
5 Baby Sunscreens to Steal for YourselfTotal Beauty
7 Superfresh Fragrances That Smell Like SpringTotal Beauty

Magnesium for Sleep: How to Supplement for Better Zz’s, Bulletproof
6 Challenges for Women on Keto—and How to Overcome Them, Bulletproof
How to Cure a Migraine: 7 Natural Remedies, Bulletproof
5 Reasons to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon
7 Things I Learned From Eating Like a Dude for a Week, Total Beauty
Lady Parts: An Owner’s ManualGlamour, September 2015 issue
The Quickest Way to Get Rid of Tension, Real Simple, October 2015 issue
15-Minute Stairs Workout, Real Simple, March 2014 issue
I Meditated for a Month to Get My Anxious Mind to STFU, Total Beauty
10 Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda, Health
8 Banned Foods to Keep in Your DietShape
12 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating, Men’s Journal
The Best Gear for Nighttime Workouts, MadeMan
8 Next-Level Sports Drinks, MadeMan

Matt Long’s Will to WinMadeMan
Going the Distance: Tommy Danger’s Cross-Country Run for Cystic FibrosisMade Man
The Weird Beauty Regimen That Makes Chrissy Teigen 20 Minutes LateTotal Beauty
Family Portrait: Nigel BarkerTime Out New York Kids, February 2013 issue